WEBSITE Development

Ever wondered how much it’ll cost to develop a website?
While others start their pricing in the thousands Zindamedia helps keep things affordable. Here’s an idea of approximate costs:

Using a pre-made design can lower costs, but customizing always takes time. We encourage small non-profits to save in this area.

If you have domain name, that’s great. Just ignore this price and start below.

This includes basic setup, website integration and the testing process

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Donors are the foundation of any non-profit organization. We can help you develop your giving page into a high-performing platform for recurring gifts, donor interaction and more.

Setup a donation page with options to donate via differing methods. This includes testing, linkirmng donor tools to your bank & more.

We setup US currency transactions and donor tools at no extra costs.

Foreign currency donor tools can be more complex and require extra research and testing.

Integrate Paypal to your donor tools or eCommerce. We will help test, debug and ensure smooth donation processing.

Accept credit cards via Stripe and Donorbox integration.

Have a currency you don’t see here? Let us know what it is and we can integrate it with your donation page or broader strategy.


Want to sell books, digital downloads or other items in your website? Great! It’s a breeze to do, thought setup and testing require detailed vigilance. Here’s what we can do:

Establish an online store using an industry leading platform like WooCommerce or similar sale management system.

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We can help you sell or advertise via social media or even integrate your online store with Instagram or Facebook

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Your marketing only works if it gets views, leads to clicks and ends in action. We can help you integrate website + adverts + newsletter for a wholistic communications strategy.

With proper Search Engine Optimization techniques, your website can rank higher in Google search ratings. We guarantee results. Ask for more info and specific rank possibilities.

We can setup Google Adwords and link with your site, create advertising campaigns, analytics and more.

You social media campaigns are key to driving traffic to your website. And we can help here too! Let’s talk!

We can link your newsletter system of choice (i.e. Mailchimp, Mailerlite, etc) to your website, asset you in designing newsletter graphics to match your website and more.

Other services

Needs help with something that’s not here? We can probably do it. Just send us a message or get a quote.

Zindamedia will host your site on our lightning fast cloud severs. We include ongoing tech support, should you ever need it.

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New accounts for free via gmail or Google Workspace. Setup includes account creation, user management and more

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